>Small heart

>anef cinta Small Heart proudly say,
“I do not want moved,
other than He who
He was not hurt,
is another thing that
scared again For * loss,
Places where once he
gave her a dream,
until the painting of
feelings that poured in
when there
Now gone,
seemed torn,
remove the sense of life,
dim lantern which had a
… Cool …
… Very cool …
He was so proud,
Inner torment,
Forget that Living with
the feeling of the past,
He would make a stand,
demolish Asa to keep
Go away …
Live with a real sense,
He is a heart that never
Heart that will not stop,
Heart is always thirsty,
Hearts are willing to
and …
Heart who dare look at
Do not let the bitter loss
make a rainbow in the
Heart of the blackened,
locked …
Small Heart with the
Heart of the Arrogant,
do not want to touch …


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